Entry #1


2007-08-08 21:10:54 by Dr-Dajova

This is DJ Dajova and i just wanted to tell you about the new updates i have been working on on my MySpace:

- Added a external musicplayer from SoundClick.com, allowing unlimited music to be played on MySpace. Includes some of my very first tracks, so hope ya like it :)

- New layout, very personally :D

- Added a few videos, from YouTube.com. I show there how some of my newest tracks looks like, when im playing them.

- New-written self-biographical (originally written 1 month ago, but updated with new stuff)

Well, hope this was usefully information and please have a comment on this <3


// Dajova



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2007-08-09 02:01:09

This is newgrounds, not myspace.....

Dr-Dajova responds:

Either way, it's news...